Pancreas Center

The Pancreas Center is a national leader in the treatment of patients with pancreatic diseases.  Here, some of the best practitioners in every medical discipline collaborate to meet the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment needs of patients from all over the world.

The pancreas is an organ which performs many functions to help digest food and regulate blood sugar. Due to its location deep in the abdomen, diseases of the pancreas are frequently diagnosed late in their course. It is not uncommon for patients with pancreatic disease to have had symptoms for years before a problem with the pancreas has been considered.  There are many diseases of the pancreas such as inflammation (pancreatitis), failure to produce the necessary juices to help us digest (pancreatic insufficiency) and tumors of the pancreas (cysts and masses).

While every specialist at the Pancreas Center is an individual expert, our multidisciplinary approach creates synergistic benefits for our patients.  We are committed to highly coordinated, compassionate and dedicated care. Our specialized team includes surgeons, gastroenterologists, radiologists, oncologists, nutritionists and physicians specializing in the evaluation of genetic diseases of the pancreas.  The close collaboration among members of the Pancreas Center translates into the best possible care for patients.

Our mission at the Center is to increase the cure rate for individuals with pancreatic cancer.  Through cutting-edge research, breakthrough prevention techniques, expert treatment and education, we strive for early detection and successful treatment of all pancreatic diseases.

For more information please visit the Pancreas Center website.